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Ancestry ~ The Old Ones

From the files of LaVan Martineau:

When I first began to compile this genealogy in 1956, I only had it in mind to record all the ancestors and relatives of my wife Doris Kanosh. When she died and I married Evalina Mae McFee, from the Shivwits Reservation, I did the same with her family. Much of the information I received from the Old People was sometimes only scanty but I did record whatever they told me even if the relationship was distant. In some cases, I never did find the time to pursue the more distant Nevada relations to get more information. On the more recent families of my own time, I did little work since most of this information is available. I basically wanted to get as much of the older material while there were still a few people left who could remember it. When more recent information was volunteered, I recorded it, but because of other involvements I did not generally pursue it.


Section 1 of this work is the material relating to the ancestors and other relations of my first wife, Doris Kanosh of the Koosharem Band. Most of this information was acquired from about 1955 to the early 1960s.

Section 2 consists of the ancestors and other relations of my second wife, Evalina Mae McFee of the Shivwits Band, acquired in the 1960s. In some cases, these relationships cross. In fact, if one goes back a little in time it appears that almost everyone from Koosharem, Kanosh, Kaibab, Cedar City, Shivwits, and Moapa are distantly related. All the names in this work are related to my children from both marriages.


Many times, when an Indian informant gives a name of a relative it is seldom a maiden name. When an Anglo wrote down an Indian name, they hardly ever wrote it down the same way twice as they didn't speak the language. I write them down as I find them in census records and also as they are correctly pronounced. Indian names that are typed in bold are the correct pronunciation and are put into the records by me. Indian names not in bold are copied exactly as found in census and other records.

Whenever I could, I asked how to spell certain English names. However, with the older people who did not speak English very well, and who had little education, I spelled them as I thought they might be. This does not mean that they are the way the person with that name spelled them. English names have a variety of spellings.

When the name Greenwich, Utah, is used it refers to the Koosharem Indian Reservation near there. The names are listed in alphabetical order beginning with "A" in each section. If the husband's name isn't known then the wife's last name is used. If both husband or wife are unknown then the name of the first child is used. Sometimes I group a family name according to families, therefore, the names might not be in alphabetical order in such cases.

Because of cultural differences, the art of acquiring Indian genealogy requires an entirely different approach than in soliciting Anglo genealogy, especially from elders whose first language is Indian and who still adhere to many of the ancient beliefs. It is always best not to ask any leading questions, but rather to let the informants volunteer what they know and want to give. There is always the possibility of the Old People misunderstanding because of their inability to speak English fluently, and if the informants don't like the white man very well, they will be prone to giving false information.

Indian elders have generally kept good track of even distant relationships since it was not considered good for any relations to marry, no matter how distant. They might not know the exact relationship, in the more distant cases, but they always knew there was a relationship. The younger generation is losing these traits.

One important difficulty in Indian genealogy is getting an older informant to mention the name of the dead. This is because of the belief that if the dead hear their name mentioned they will come to you at night, as a ghost, and bother you. The elders I asked did break this taboo but didn't like to make a habit of it.

Another difficulty is getting the date that an Indian was born. Indians in general never kept track of their age, and about the only thing they might remember is the place and time of year they were born, spring, fall, etc. Some of the older people had little knowledge of the calendar and often the only date they had heard spoken of much was the famous "4th of July" date they had learned to celebrate with the white man. This date therefore, became a favorite date to give as a birth date. It is also very difficult to guess the age of Indians by looking at them. Many of them often look a lot younger than they really were. This is one reason Indian agents were often wrong in recording birth dates. Agents were also not that concerned about accuracy in birth dates as long as they had something approximate to go by. There was also a language barrier in acquiring many of these early birth dates. Records made by Indian agents are better than nothing, but very poor because they really didn't care that much.

Other Indian beliefs to be aware of is that Indians had but one name; they didn't have a given name and a surname. Among the Paiutes it was very common for them to receive their Indian name from some little childish action noticed when they were very young such as Rolls His Snot Up in Balls, Skunk, and even names with sexual connotations and organs. Such names often stuck with them throughout life. This gave no embarrassment to the Indians as this naming practice was well understood, fitting well into the concept of Indian humor. However, as the Paiutes became more civilized and aware that some white men were a little too prudish to hear such names, they would sometimes become reluctant in divulging the English translation of their Indian name.

Some Paiutes were lucky enough to gain a second name in life due to some noted action such as Tosaw Kuvaw Neahv (White Horse Chief) and Nawhoo'kwee Neahv (War Chief). Others, no matter how famous they became in their war exploits, never escaped their childhood name. Chief Walker was probably one of these. His name O-aw'kawd (yellow, or brass colored) Anglicized to Walker, could well have been given to him as a child from being covered in yellow dirt or ochre. Yellow does not have a connotation of cowardice as among the whites. Another famous chief, Quannah Parker of the Comanches, a tribe linguistically related to the Paiutes, appears to have been stuck with his childhood name Kwunu' (Smells). The Anglo name of Jenny seems to have been popular among early Paiute women, maybe because they could pronounce easily, and possibly because they were reluctant in giving their Indian names. Paiute names were preferred and used more often among themselves than their English names.

Paiutes had no orphanages, nor the need for them, since Indian people were always very eager to take in anyone who lost their parents. They would raise them as their own and call them their own children, and sometimes it takes extra questioning to dig out such adoptions. The name Kanosh is a good example of this. The Kanosh family of Paiutes today are not direct descendants of Chief Kanosh, but of an orphaned boy raised by Chief Kanosh who was given the name of John Kanosh.

It was also a custom for a Paiute man to marry the oldest sister in a family first and then the younger ones. This was his right, if he chose to do so, and was a good enough hunter to support them. Examples of this will be found in the accompanying genealogy. The last known example of Paiute plural marriage was as late as 1943 with Crockett Kanosh who married two sisters, Florence and Nancy Timmican.

In acquiring Indian genealogy, it is important to understand the terms of relationship used by the Paiutes. Their terms are a lot more explicit with grandparents and brothers and sisters than among the white men. The name for a paternal grandmother, wheetsee'ee, is different from the name, kawgoon, which is used for a maternal grandmother.

The same is true of paternal and maternal grandfathers. To complicate this, a grandparent will use the Indian name applied to her as a grandparent and apply it to a grandchild in a reciprocal manner. For example, a paternal grandmother, wheetsee'ee, will call her son's daughters wheecheech'een. Therefore, to those who do not speak Indian and who do not understand this relationship, it is always best to ask "Who was your father's father, mother's father?" etc. Another thing to remember in this respect is that great aunts and great uncles use the same relationship term as the grandmother or grandfather who would be either a brother or sister. For example, the name for a paternal grandmother, wheetsee’ee, would also be applied to her sisters.

Paiutes always refer to brothers and sisters as older brother pawveets, younger brother chukaits, older sister pawtseets, and younger sister numeents. First and second cousins are also called brothers and sisters; therefore, if one does not understand this it is best just to ask for the names of the children and not for brothers and sisters. This is a practice common to many American Indian tribes.

Sometimes there can be difficulty in obtaining information about twin births if it would embarrass the informant. It is believed by some that twins are the result of two different fathers and therefore unfaithfulness.

The material included in this chapter consists of extracts from a larger collection of Paiute genealogy that I have distributed separately. That original collection has more recent information much of which is available in public and church documents. The purpose given here is to make older genealogy available to the public that cannot be found in such records. Most of this older information came from the mouths of Paiutes born in the last century.

I include but one census record in this work, the 1898 Shivwits Census. It gives the reader a good idea of early English names and also Indian names and translations. (Martineau)


Section 1
Koosharem Band of Paiutes

HUSBAND: Walker Ammon.

Born: about 1854.

Died: 16 April 1920 at Koosharem Reservation, Utah. Father Chief Walker. O-aw'kawduh, O-aw'kawduhm is the correct pronunciation of his name which means Yellow. As the whites attempted to pronounce this name it got anglicized to Walker. It is said that Walker Ammon had a house in Teas Valley, Utah.

Mother: Ungkaw'hawduhma sister to Pee'weech. Ungkaw'hawduhm meaning Red One.

WIFE: Dora.

Born: 1860.


1. Alma (male) born abt. 1900.



HUSBAND: Charlie Arrowgarp.

Other wives: (1) Millie Arrowpane. Charley Arrowgarp and Millie Arrowpane had a child Dela Arrowcup born Aug. 1912 at Greenwich, Utah, Died 4 March 1917. Buried in Richfield, Utah.

WIFE: (2) Amy Emma Timmican.

Born: Dec.1886 or 1897 at Lyman, Wayne Co., Utah.

Died: 9 Jan. 1961 at Richfield, Utah.

Buried: 12 Jan. 1961 at Richfield, Utah.

Father: John Timmican.

Mother: Rose.

Other husbands: (2) Tom Parashont (3) Jesse Jim.



1. Unnamed (male) born Greenwich, Utah, died abt. 1916 at Greenwich, Utah. Lived 2


2. Unnamed (male) born Greenwich, Utah. Died abt. 1915 at Greenwich, Utah. Lived

nine months.

3. Unnamed  (female) born Greenwich, Utah, died abt. 1916 at Richfield, Utah. Lived 1


4. Dell Arrowgarp (male) born 20 Sept. 1917 at Greenwich, Utah, died 13 Oct. 1988,

Richfield, Utah. Married Mabel Provo.



HUSBAND: unknown (Benson?).

WIFE: Lily Tom.

Father: Panaca Tom.


1. Joe Benson (male) married to Mable.

2. Lila Benson (female) married to (1) Baker (2) Ted Pikyavit (3) Archie Rogers.

3. Bessie Benson (female).

4. Margie Benson (female).

5. Daniel Benson  (male).



HUSBAND: unknown.

WIFE: unknown.


1. Name not known (female) died Wayne County, Utah, married to Tom.

2. Bob (male) died and buried at Lyman, Utah (note says that Bob and Charley [Roberts?] raised by Joe and Sally).

3. Name not known (female) died at Greenwich, Utah. "She was Frank Woody's mother's paternal grandmother."

INFORMATION SOURCE: Jimmy Timmican and Minnie Kanosh.


HUSBAND: Black Hawk (John W. Mountain.) Ute tribal records states that Black Hawk has a nephew and wife (Walkers) who live in Grass Valley, Utah (the Koosharem Reservation at Greenwich, Utah).

Born: 1851.

Died: 24 May 1942.

Father: Mountain.

Mother: Sumbitzh.

WIFE: Quinn.

Born: about 1856 (age 49 in 1905).

Died: 26 May 1922.

Father: John Skyro.


1. Happy Jack (#21, (Jack Mountain) born 1890, died April 1961?

Happy Jack had a half-brother John Merrycats of Kanab, Utah; Quinn was his mother. Many Paiutes from southern Utah would visit Happy Jack at his old log cabin near Whiterocks, Utah, during Sun Dance and Bear Dance times and stay with him as they recognized him as a relation. I visited him once myself with Foster Charles and Edward Rice in 1949, and later with Jimmy Timmican.

INFORMATION SOURCE: Ute tribal allotment record of 1905, Fort Duchesne, Utah.


HUSBAND: (2), (Old) Bob.

Birth: of Wayne County, Utah.

Died: Wayne County, Utah. Killed by a horse.

Buried: Lyman, Utah.

WIFE: Sally Timmican. Rainbow Views says Sally lived to be very old, gray and blind.

Birth: of Wayne County, Utah.

Died: Greenwich, Utah.

Buried: Greenwich, Utah.

Other husbands: (1) Pawguh' Neahv (Fish Chief). He married Sally when she was very young.


1. Little Bob (male) born Wayne Co. Utah. Married and had one boy.

2. Joe Bob  (male) born Wayne County, Utah, died Richfield, Utah, married Pawmunts (a Ute from Whiterocks, Utah). They had a boy who lived two days.

3. Lemuel  (male) born in Utah. Died at about age 16 at Lyman, Utah.

INFORMATION SOURCES: Jimmy Timmican and Minnie Kanosh.


HUSBAND: Little Bob.

Born: Wayne County, Utah.

Died: Greenwich, Utah when his son Charley was a baby

Buried: Greenwich, Utah.

WIFE: unknown.

Born: of Kanosh, Utah.

Died: Kanosh, Utah when her son Charley was a baby.

Buried: Kanosh, Utah.


1. Charley Roberts (male) died at Cedar City, Utah, married Virginia Wall.



HUSBAND: (Tom Quakanab's brother.)

Born: Henry Mountains, Utah.

WIFE: unknown.


1. Dick (male) born 1866 Escalante, Utah. Died 27 June 1948. Died and Buried at Kanosh, Utah. Married (2) Tappy. Dick is Dorothy Dick's father.

2. (Male.)

3. (Male.)

4. Sally Ann (female) born Escalante, Utah. Died at Kaibab, Arizona. Not married.




Born: 1866, of Wayne County, Utah.

Died: 27 June 1948 at Kanosh, Utah.

Father: Tom Quakanab's brother of Henry Mountains.

Married: (2) Tappy.

WIFE: Unknown

Born: of Escalante, Utah.

Died: Near Escalante.

Buried: Near Escalante.



1. Dorothy Dick (female) born abt. 1902 Greenwich, Utah. Married (1) Toby John (2) Lonnie Kouchomp.

INFORMATION SOURCES: Dorothy Dick, and 1940 census for Kaibab.


HUSBAND: Johnny Dick (his Indian name was Paw'ooksawts).

Born: 1875.

Died: 8 May 1942, 5:00 a.m at Kaibab, Ariz.

Buried: May 1942 at Kaibab, Ariz.

Other Wives: (1) ? (had no children). (3) Maggie (had no children).

WIFE: unknown.


1. Clara Dick, (female) born 1902, married Roy Tom. 1940 census calls # 1 "Clara Johnnie a daughter of Johnnie Indian."

2. (Female) died and buried at Kaibab. Died young.



HUSBAND: Hunkiter, Ungkaw’ Tawkawd.

Died: 1851 (81?).

Buried: Kanosh Mountains, Utah.

WIFE: unknown.

Died: Lived 40-50 years, died at Milford, Utah.


1. Joe (Cha-haw'vuhts), (male) of Milford, Utah. Died when an old man at Greenwich, Utah. Married Cheng'uvuhts from near the Nevada border. They had no children.

2. Rosey (Mawn'taw, Mawn'tai), (female) of Milford, Utah. Lived abt. 40 years. Married (1) Nawhoo'kwee Neahv (War Chief).



HUSBAND: unknown.

WIFE: unknown.


1. Jake (Jake Moroni) married Lucy.

2. Charlie Pete  (married Queen).



HUSBAND: Jake Moroni. Carl Jake referred to him both as Jake Moroni and Moroni Jake. When I asked who Jake Moroni's father was, I got a similar answer so I was left unsure about who Carl's paternal grandfather was. Once he just said Moroni. Moroni was Chief near Shoal Creek and Clover Valley. This would be Jake Moroni or his father. Carl said his father was from that area.

Died: Eagle Valley, Nevada.

Buried: Eagle Valley, Nevada.

WIFE: Lucy.

Died: Cedar City, Utah.

Buried: Cedar City, Utah.

Father: John Manarra.

Mother: Jenny (Jeannie).


1. (Female) died at Kanosh, Utah. Not married. Lived about 11 years.

2. Ed Jake (male) born in Utah. Died at Cedar City, Utah. Not married.

3. Carl Jake (male) born 1895 at Hamilton's Fort, Utah. Married Minnie John.



HUSBAND: Indian Jake (Watermelon Jake). Morris Jake says his name should have been "Tum."

Born: 1874.

Died: 1959.

Buried: Kaibab, Arizona.

WIFE: Minnie Pikyavit.

Father: Joe Pikyavit Sr. of Kaibab.


1. Andrew Jake (male) born 7 August 1910 at Kaibab, Arizona. Died 23 September 1925. Buried at Cedar City, Utah.

2. Morris M. Jake (male) born 28 May 1913 at Kaibab, Arizona. Died 1970? He married Lucille Tom.

3. Emma M. Jake (female) born 1915.

4. Hattie Jake (female). Died January 1937.

5. Woodrow Jake (male).

6. Margie Jake (female).

7. Francella Jake (female) born 20 October 1925.



HUSBAND: unknown (probably Joe?).

WIFEMoogoo'uts (Minnie Ankerpont?).


1. Grant Joe (male) died 14 January 1924 at about the age of 23. Married Oaw mumunts'u (Ute Indian). the records state that Grant Joe (Ska-putz) died 14 January

1924. His mother was Minnie Ankerpont. Grant's brothers were Capson Ankerpont and Moroni Ankerpont (a half-brother). Grant's wife was Sa-waw-nantz who died 13 October 1912.

2. Bill Joe (male).

3. Koapoa'doahoynt (male). Married Weem'eup.

4. (Female.)

5. (Female.)

6. (Male)  lived 6 months.

INFORMATION SOURCE: Minnie Kanosh & Florence Timmican.


HUSBAND: Bill Joe.

Mother: Moogoouts.

WIFE: unknown. The Ute 1905 Allotment Record page 110 lists Bertha Chimburas as the mother of the children listed below. The Ute record lists Bertha as dying 15 Dec. 1918. Minnie Kanosh stated that Bill Joe was the father and she didn't know who the mother was; therefore, Lawrence Yump listed on the Ute record as father is probably a stepfather. B.I.A. records commonly make this mistake. Koosharem Paiutes have always recognized the Yumps as relatives and vice versa.


1. Carrie Yump (female) born 15 April 1908. Married (1), (2), (3) Chicora.

2. Oscar Yump  (male) born 3 March 1915.

3. Jack Yump (male) born 1 December 1906.

4. (Male) no wife.

5. (Female) died Fort Duchesne Utah. Married (2) Tookoo-puhts.


The children listed above (not the dates) were given by Minnie Kanosh. Ute Records give the following information which is not always reliable concerning blood parents:

Carrie's brothers:

Willie Yump born 10 April 1911, died 14 June 1924.

John Yump born 12 February 1913, died 16 February 1913.




Stewart Yump, a half-brother, born 19 May 1920, died 11 August 1921. Carrie's

husbands: (1) Frank Cheum, married 1902, (2) Ben Mountain. Carrie's father was Lawrence Yump born 1879. Lawrence's mother was Maimie Ankerpont. Carrie's mother was Bertha Chimburas born 1893, died 15 December 1918.

INFORMATION SOURCE: Minnie Kanosh and 1905 Ute Allotment Records.


HUSBAND: Kanosh John. Kanosh John was a medicine man. His Indian name was Pook.

Died: April 1947 at Shivwits Reservation, Utah.

Other wives: (2) Ida Toab.

WIFE: Eliza Menarrow (Manarra).

Born: 1864, of Hamilton Fort, Utah.

Died: about 24 July 1931.

Father: John Manarra.

Mother: Jenny.

Other husbands: (1) Quist John.


1. Julia John (female) born near Newcastle, Utah, married (2) Jack Nort.

2. Ada (female) married Georgey George. Ada was one year older than Hannah.

3. Hannah, (female).



HUSBAND: Quist John.

Other wives: (1) Eliza Manarrow (Manarra).

WIFE: Mattie (Eliza's sister).

Father: Manarrow.

Mother: Jenny.


1. Jim John, (male).

2. Levi John, (male) born 1892, married Alice.

3. Meddie John, (female) married Charlie Chassis.

4. Joseph John, (male) born 1901 Orderville, Utah, died 17 Oct. 1947. Married Ada Snow, 5 Sept. 1924.

INFORMATION SOURCE: Julia John, and Joseph John's marriage license application.


HUSBAND: Levi John.

Born: 1892.  

Died: 1951.  

Buried: at Kaibab, Ariz.           

WIFE: Alice.  

Born: 1894.  

Died: 1960.  

Buried: at Kaibab, Ariz.           


1. Leta, (female) born 15 Feb. 1925.

2. Reuben, (male) born 6 April 1930, married Lilly Tillahash.

3. Finley, (male) 14 March 1933, married Nevada Smokey.

4. Larry, (male) born17 June 1935.

5. Hamblin, (male) born 14 Feb. 1938.



HUSBAND: Quist John.

Other wives: (2) Mattie.

WIFE: Eliza Manarra.

Born: 1864, of Hamilton's Fort, Utah.

Died: about 24 July 1931.

Father: John Manarra (Manarrow).

Mother: Jenny.

Other husbands: (2) Kanosh John.


1. Jody Roe (male) married Wilhemina (a Ute Indian).

2. (Female.1



HUSBAND: Toby John.

Born: of Kaibab, Arizona.

Died: Iron Springs, Utah.

Buried: at Kaibab, Arizona.

Father: John.

WIFE: Dorothy Dick.

Born: about 1902.

Father: Dick.

Other husbands: Lonnie Kouchomp.


1. Unnamed, (female) (stillborn) born in Kanab, Utah, died and buried in Kanab.

2. Unnamed, (female) born in Kaibab, Arizona, died and buried in Richfield, Utah. Lived two years.



HUSBAND: Willie John.

Born: Eagle Valley, Nevada.

Died: about 1898 in Eagle Valley.

Buried: at Eagle Valley.

Father: Pete.

Mother: Phoebe.

WIFE: Maimie (her Indian name was Wuhsee'udok, Plume).

Born: Sharp, Nev.

Died: Caliente, Nevada.

Mother: Jennie died at Caliente, Nev.

Other husbands: Los Leon.


1. Ellis John, (female) died and buried in Nephi, Utah, married a Mexican (no children).

2. Ada John, (female) died and buried in Modena, Utah.

3. Minnie John, (female) born 1898 Eagle Valley, Nevada, married Carl Jake.



HUSBAND: unknown.

WIFE: of eastern California.


1. Chief Kanosh  (male) born February 1821 eastern California, died 4 December 1884.

2. Chief Walker O-aw'kawduhm (male) born abt. 1815 eastern California, died 29 January 1855 Meadow, Utah. Some historians have stated that Walker was born on the banks of the Spanish Fork River, whereas Kate B. Carter in Heart Throbs of the West Vol. 1, Page 101 says he was born in eastern California. Minnie Kanosh, born in 1884, the Paiute informant on this family, says the three brothers were born in Eastern California.           

3. Hunkiter (correct pronunciation is Ungkaw’ Tawkawd, Red?) born eastern California. Died 1851 or 1881.     

INFORMATION SOURCE: Minnie Kanosh and the book Heart Throbs of the West.


HUSBAND: Chief Kanosh.

Born: February 1821, of eastern California.

Died: 4 December 1884 at Kanosh, Utah.

Buried: Kanosh, Utah.

Other wives: (2) Betsykin (3) Mary Voreas (4) Sally (no children).

WIFE: (1) Julia.

Died: Kanosh, Utah.


1. (Male) lived abt. 15 years.

2. (Male) lived abt. 5 years.

INFORMATION SOURCE: Minnie Kanosh and miscellaneous histories.


HUSBAND: unknown.

Died: when John was a baby.

WIFE: unknown.

Died: when John was a baby.


1. John Kanosh (male) died at Fillmore, Utah,

buried at Greenwich, Utah. Married Peaweeds (Pee'weech). John was raised by Chief Kanosh when his parents died, therefore, he was given the last name of Kanosh.

2. (Male) married Moogoo'uts (who died at Myton, Utah).



HUSBAND: John Kanosh. His Indian name was Kaiv'u wuhnuh (Mountain Standing).

Died: at Fillmore, Utah.

Buried: Greenwich, Utah.

WIFE: Peaweeds, Pee'weech.

Born: 1842.

Died: 19 September 1929 at Greenwich, Utah.

Father: Poawhaw'dawveech.

Buried: Greenwich, Utah.

Other husbands: (1) Chief Walker.


1. (Male) died Kanosh, Utah.

2. (Male) died Kanosh, Utah.

3. Rosey Kanosh (female) born Greenwich, Utah, died Greenwich, Utah. Married Tommy Utes (had children).

4. (Sex unknown) died Greenwich, Utah.

5. Ke-eh'taw Kanosh (female) born Greenwich, Utah. Died Greenwich, Utah, married Pooeech, he died when abt. 25 years old (no children).

6. Crockett Kanosh (male) born Greenwich, Utah, died 16 April 1943 at Whiterocks, Utah. Married (1) Nancy Timmican.

7. Minnie Kanosh (female) born December 1884 at Angle, near Antimony, Utah. The Indian name of this place is Sawwhaw' Hawduhd, Green Sitting. Died 20 March 1961. Married George Timmican. Minnie was one of my main informants on much of the older genealogy included in this work.

8. (Female) born near Antimony, Utah. Died at Greenwich, Utah. She was married and had 1 child.



HUSBAND: Crockett Kanosh (There is a story that Crockett was shot and wounded by a policeman in Salina, Utah.)

Born: 1881.

Died: 16 April 1943 at Whiterocks, Utah.

Buried: Greenwich, Utah.

Father: John Kanosh.

Mother: Peaweeds (Pee'weech).

Other Wives: (1) Nancy Timmican (Indian plural marriage).

WIFE: Florence Timmican.

Born: about June 1889 at Fish Lake, Utah.     

Died: 9 January 1986, 6:30 a.m. at Richfield, Utah.

Buried: 13 January 1986 at Richfield, Utah.   

Father: John Timmican.          

Mother: Rosey Wawn'uvuhts (Quakanab).     


1. John Kanosh (male).

2. Deere Kanosh (male) born 20 October 1911 at Greenwich, Utah. Died 9 December 1971. Married (1) Annie (Peaches) Toney a Ute Indian. Her father was White R? Jack and her mother Utchea. (2) Edurine Jake.



HUSBAND: Crockett Kanosh.

Born: 1881

Died: 16 April 1943 at Whiterocks, Utah.

Buried: Greenwich, Utah.

Father: John Kanosh.

Mother: Peaweeds, Pee'weech.

Other Wives: (2) Florence Timmican (Indian plural marriage).

WIFE: (1) Nancy Timmican.

Died: 5 August 1953 at Richfield, Utah.

Buried: 9 August 1953 at Richfield, Utah.

Father: John Timmican.

Mother: Rose Wawn-uvuhts (Quakanab). 


1. Female) born 1905.

2. Fred Kanosh (male) born December 1906, died 12 March 1925.

3. (Female) born 1907, died 1909.

4. (Male) born 1908, died 1908.

5. (Male) born 1910, died 1910.

6. Lyman Kanosh (male) born 2 September 1912 at Greenwich, Utah. Married Emily Baker.

7. Woodrow Kanosh (male) born 15 April 1914-15, died 31 October 1933. Died of tuberculosis.

8. Reed Kanosh (male) born 1919, died 20 December 1925.

9. Edward Kanosh (male) born 5 July 1922 at Sigurd, Utah.

10. Archie Kanosh (male) born 1924, died 10 July 1925.

11. Nellie Kanosh (female) born 1 September 1926, died 31 January 1927.

12. Ilene Kanosh (female) born 11 December 1929, died 2 December 1930.

INFORMATION SOURCE: Some births obtained from the records of Petrear Larson Koosharem, Utah. The rest of the information from Florence Kanosh and Nancy Timmican.



Mother: Moogoouts (Minnie Ankerpont?).

WIFE: Weem'eup.


1. Mary Ungapont (Ankerpont?). Her Indian name was Kuhv'us.

2. (Female) died at the age of about 25.

3. (Male.)

4. Francis Collero, (male) of Bridgeland, Utah.



HUSBAND: unknown.

WIFE: Curley Annie (she had another brother named Jake).

Born: Kanosh, Utah.

Died: Kanosh, Utah.

Buried: Kanosh, Utah.


1. Lonnie Kouchomp Sr. (male) married Martha. Martha's mother was Jean of Shivwits.

Lonnie died and buried in Kanosh.



HUSBAND: (1) Lonnie Kouchomp Sr.

Died: at Kanosh, Utah, when his son Lonnie was 3 years old.

Buried: Kanosh, Utah.

Mother: Curly Annie.

WIFE: Martha.

Born: Kanosh, Utah.

Died: Kanosh, Utah.

Buried: Kanosh, Utah.

Mother: Jean (from Shivwits, Utah).

Other husbands: (2) Alec.


1. Lonnie Kouchomp (male) born 15 April 1892, married Dorothy Dick.



HUSBAND: Lonnie Kouchomp.

Born: 15 April 1892 at Kanosh, Utah.

Father: Lonnie Kouchomp Sr.

Mother: Martha.

Other Wives: (1) Julia John (2) Harrine.

WIFE: (3) Dorothy Dick.

Born: about 1902.

Died: at Fillmore, Utah (car accident).

Father: Dick.

Other husbands: Toby John.


1. Dean Kouchomp (male) born 1927 Kanosh, Utah, died and buried at Kanosh 1930.



HUSBAND: Los Leon (Mexican).

WIFE: Maimie (Wuhsee'udok) of Sharp, Nevada.

Mother: Jennie.


1. Mike Leon (male) died August 1952 at Cedar City, Utah.

INFORMATION SOURCE: Carl and Minnie Jake.


HUSBAND: (2) Joe Levi (a cousin to Crokett Kanosh).

Born: Kanosh, Utah.

Died: Kanosh, Utah.

Buried: Kanosh, Utah.

Father: Tungaw'pawsoov, died at Kanosh, he had two brothers.

Mother: Pooee’chuts, (Mouse).

WIFE: Annie.

Born: of Boulder, Utah. "Taken away" {possibly in the slave trade).

Died: Kanosh, Utah.

Buried: Kanosh, Utah.

Other husbands: (1) ?


1. (Female) born Kanosh, Utah, died at Kanosh as a child.

2. Mary Ann Levi (female) born Kanosh, Utah, married (2) Eddie Jake.

3. Milford Levi (male) born Kanosh, Utah, died Kanosh, lived about 25 years.

4. Ida (Mooweech) Levi (female) born abt. 1885 at Kanosh, Utah, died 12 June 1960, buried at Richfield, Utah, married (1) John Manarra (2) Frank Woody.

5. Andy Levi (male) born Kanosh, Utah, died Kanosh, Utah, married (1) Aimie (2) Lucy Manarra. (Andy is the father of Johnson Levi.)

6. Wess Levi (male) born 1888 at Kanosh, Utah, married (1) Aimie, plus three others.

7. (Male) born Kanosh, Utah, died at Kanosh as a child.



HUSBAND: Manarra (Pau-wow-a-woots). Carl Jake says the word Manarra, Monnaro, Menarrow, comes from the Spanish name "Manel," pronounced by Indians Munyawd’ as the Paiute language has no "L's" or "R's." This name was Anglicized to Manarra, Menarrow. The Indian name of Pau-wow-a-woots is an Anglicized word also. Johnny Jake says Manarra was a Mexican who came from Mexico. Isabel Kelly in her Southern Paiute Ethnography, Anthropological Papers of the University of Utah, number 69, May 1964, page 177, mentions a man from the Panguitch Band with the name of "Minari, meaning legs stretch over; referring to his walk"

Born: about 1838, of Hamilton Fort, Utah.

Died: about 1872 near Hamilton Fort, Utah.

WIFE: Jennie (Jeannie) Wearament.

Born: about 1840, Virgin, Utah.

Died: 30 January 1925 near Hamilton Fort, Utah. Buried   Cedar City, Utah.


1. Wint Menarrow (male) born abt.1858, of Hamilton Fort, Utah, died at Panguitch Lake,

Utah, abt. 1938.

2. (Female) born abt. 1860 of Hamilton Fort, Utah. Died as an adult.

3. Big John Menarrow (male) born abt.1862, of Hamilton Fort, Utah, died at Cedar City, Utah, 24 July 1931, buried at Cedar City. Married Ida Levi, no children.

4. Eliza Menarrow (female) born 1864, of Hamilton Fort, Utah, married (1) John.

5. Anna Mennarrow Hamilton (female) born 15 October 1866 (70), of Hamilton Fort,

Utah, died abt. May 1958.

6. Lucy Mennarrow  (female) born 1868, of Hamilton Fort, Utah, died in Cedar City,

Utah, married (1) Jake Moroni (2) Andy Levi, no children from Andy Levi.

INFORMATION SOURCE: Anna Mennarrow Hamilton and Carl Jake.

I became acquainted with Anna M. Hamilton before she died. She was living in Salt Lake City, and had been raised by white people. She had little contact with her own people. She spelled her last name Mennarrow. There is a story about her entitled "Purchased from Slavery" in the Church Section of the Deseret News, week ending May 17, 1958. (Martineau)


HUSBAND: (1) Nawhoo'kwee Neahv (War Chief).

WIFE: Rosey (her Indian name was Mawn'taw, Mawn'tai).

Other husbands: (2) Jake Wiggits (Wichetts).


1. (Female) born Greenwich, Utah, died Uintah County, Utah, married (1) a Ute Indian.



HUSBAND: Nick (Little Nick).

Died: Bridgeland, Utah.

Other Wives: (2) Maggie John (Toby John's Sister). Maggie died and buried at Lyman, Utah.

WIFE: unknown.

Born: of Wayne County. Utah.


1. Shah-kom (Tosaw' Kawm, White Rabbit), (male) born in Wayne Co., Utah, died at Duchesne, Utah. Married a lady of Duchesne, Utah.

2. Charlie (male) born 1887? In Wayne Co., Utah. Died Near Gusher, Utah, 20 December 1929? Married Ida May Antach a younger sister to his brother Shah-Kom's wife. Ida May born 1892, died 26 June 1916. They had a son Joseph Nick, a half-brother to Fred Nick.


See "Nick the Moqui Captive" in chapter 3 where Malan Jackson says that Nick was a Moqui captured as a child by the Paiutes. He was very short. Florence Timmican Kanosh said that she had heard the white man had cut his head off and pickled it to be on display in Salt Lake City, Utah. Ute Allotment records of 1905 list a John Nick (age 39 in 1905, died 30 March 1912) with the Indian Name of Nan-nah- mo-qua which sounds like "Growing Hopi." Both Utes and Paiutes call the Hopis Mookweech (Moqui.) John Nick could be a son of Little Nick?


HUSBAND: (2) Jack Nort.

Died: lbapah, Utah (car accident).

Father: Jack.

Mother: Annie.

WIFE: Julia John.

Born: near Newcastle, Utah.

Father: Kanosh John.

Mother: Eliza Manarra.

Other husbands: (1) Nathaniel Joe of Kaibab, Arizona, (3) Lewis M. Snyder, a Chemehuevi, (4) Albert Rice.


1. Jackson Jack Non, (male) born 9 July 1923, at Cedar City, Utah, married (1) from Yuma, Ariz. (2) Mexican (3) Kooseta.

2. Jessie Non, (female) born 8 March 1925, at Cedar City, Utah, married (1) Jackson Bow.



HUSBAND: Tom Parashont. Tom Parashont's Indian name was Sekoots’ (Squirrel).

Died: at Cedar City, Utah.

Buried: at Cedar City, Utah

Father: Tom Parashont.

Other Wives: Maimie Snow (had no children).

WIFE: Amy (Emma) Timmican (she went by the name Emma).      

Born: December 1886 at Lyman, Utah.                   

Died: 9 January 1961 at Richfield, Utah.     

Buried: 12 January 1961 at Richfield, Utah.   

Father: John Timmican.

Mother: Rose.

Other husbands: (1) Charlie Arrowgarp (3) Jessie Jim (who died abt. 1942).  


1. Unnamed (female) born abt. 1924 at Greenwich, Utah, died abt. 1925 at Richfield,

Utah. Lived 1 year.

2. Unnamed (female) born abt. 1926 near Salina, Utah, died abt. 1926 at Cedar City,

Utah. Lived. 3 months.

3. Unnamed (male) born abt. 1927 at Cedar City, Utah, died abt. 1927 at Cedar City,

Utah. Lived 2 months.

4. Viola (female) born abt. June 1928 at Richfield, Utah, died 1929 at Cedar City, Utah.

Lived 1 year.

5. Captola (female) born abt. June 1928 at Richfield, Utah, died at Richfield, Utah, in 1930. Lived 2 years. Viola and Captola were twins. Emma says that, "Viola Hansen, a white lady, gave the twins their names."

6. Stillborn (male) born abt.1930 at Cedar City, Utah.



HUSBAND: Peanump (Peu'nump) Big Foot. See the article One Indian's Vengeance by James Sharp published in the "Improvement Era" Feb. 1936. There is a story about him.

WIFE : unknown.


1. Culbert Peanump (male).

2. (Male.)

INFORMATION SOURCE: Carl and Minnie Jake.

HUSBAND: unknown.

WIFE : unknown.


1. (Female.)

2. Pete (male) died at Indian Peak, Utah. Married Phoebe. They are the parents of Willie John.

3. John Syme (male).

4. Gima (Jones).

5. George Swallow? (male). He had a son named George Swallow, Jr.

INFORMATION SOURCE: Carl and Minnie Jake.


HUSBAND: Pete. (See the story of Pete in the chapter on War and Historical Stories.)

Died: Indian Peak, Utah.

Buried: Indian Peak, Utah.

WIFE: Phoebe.

Died: at Baker, Nev.

Buried: at Baker, Nev.


1. Willie John (male) born at Eagle Valley, Nevada, died at Eagle Valley abt. 1898. Married Maimie.

2. Tappie also known as Sarah Tappie (George). Born abt. 1879 at Eagle Valley, Nevada, died 11 January 1953 and buried at Shivwits, Utah. Married Benjamin Avov and Brig George.

3. Panaca Tom (male) died at Milford, Utah. Married Clara.

INFORMATION SOURCE: Carl and Minnie Jake.


HUSBAND: Jimmy Pete. Jimmy Pete was raised by Captain Pete. His real father was Coal Creek John. Coal Creek John was Tau-gu according to Page 91 Southern Paiute Petition before Indian Commission Docket numbers 88 and 330.

Born: about 1892.

Father: Coal Creek John.

Mother: Flo.

Other Wives: (1) Shivwits marriage license says he married Adelse Rice 6 January 1915. Adelse Rice was a daughter of Tom Rice and Anna Seaman according to the license. (2) Josephine.

WIFE: Lilly Bell Timmican.

Born: Greenwich, Utah.

Died: February or March 1943 at Moapa Valley, Nevada.

Father: John Timmican.

Mother: Rose.

Other husbands: (2) Willy China of southern Nevada.


1. Ella (Helen) Pete (female) born 12 September 1926.

INFORMATION SOURCE: Florence Timmican Kanosh.


HUSBAND: unknown.

WIFE: unknown.


1. Phoebe (female) died at Baker, Nev., married to Pete. They are the parents of

Willie John.

2. (Female) she married the father of Peahnump.

INFORMATION SOURCE: Carl and Minnie Jake.


Born: at Toopaw Hawduhd (a mountain on the other side of Bryce Canyon, Utah).

Died: about 1889.

WIFE: unknown.

Died: about 1885.


1. Ungkaw'hawduh, Ungkaw'hawduhm (Red One), (female). Married Chief

Walker (O-aw-kawd, O-aw'kawduhm). This name meaning "Yellow" was Anglicized to Walker.

2. (Female) married Peterson.

3. (Female) married Chief Walker.

4. Peaweeds, Pee'weech (female) married (1) Chief Walker, had no children (2) John


Walker was married to all three sisters in Indian plural marriage.

INFORMATION SOURCE: Minnie Kanosh (Timmican).


HUSBAND: unknown.

WIFE: unknown.


1. Tom (Tom Quakanab) male, born Henry Mountains, Utah, died Greenwich, Utah.

2. Kwe-eep' (male), Kwe-eep' was Anglicized to Kurrip. Kwe-eep' was the father of Lester Kurrip a Ute.

3. (Male) Dorothy Dick's grandfather.

4. (Male) traded to Mexicans.



HUSBAND: Tom Quakanab. Tom was also known as Chicken Shootum Tom. His Indian name was Kwee'kunuv which means Foggy. This word was Anglicized to Quakanab and other spellings. He seems to have also been called Wawn'uvuhts. Jimmy Timmican remembers that Tom was still alive in 1911.

Born: about 1814 in the Henry Mountains, Utah. (See Indian depredations in Utah P. 342 by Gottfredson.)

Died: after 1914 at Greenwich, Utah.

Buried: Greenwich, Utah.

WIFE: unknown.

Died: Wayne Co. Utah.


1. Liza Quakanab (female). Rosey and Liza were married to John Timmican in Indian plural marriage according to Indian custom.

2. Rosey Quakanab  (Rosey Wawn'uvuhts) married John Timmican.

3. Pooeetch' (male) died Greenwich, married Ke-eh'taw.



HUSBAND: unknown.

Father: Tom Quakanab's brother.

WIFE: Lucy.

Born: of Cannonville, Utah.

Died: at Kaibab, Arizona.

Buried: Kaibab, Arizona.

Other husbands: Dick?


1. Maggie  (Tuh'dus, meaning Potatoes), (female) died Greenwich, Utah, married Ben


2. Johnny Dick (male) died Kaibab, Arizona Married Maggie, she had no children. Maggie's Indian name was Tawk. Maggie's mother's name was Tappy. The Indians of Kaibab state that Maggie was a great runner when she was young. She could outrun the men in a footrace. She was sometimes called "Antelope" in Paiute because of her speed.

INFORMATION SOURCE: Jimmy Timmican, Stanley Samson.


HUSBAND: Charley Roberts.

Died: Cedar City, Utah.

Buried: Richfield, Utah.

Father: Little Bob.

WIFE: Virginia Wall.

Father: Fred Wall.

Mother: Mable John.

Other husbands: (2) Georgey George.


1. Hilda Roberts (female) married (1) ? (2) Smith Bushhead.



HUSBAND: Ben Sampson.

Born: "In the ledges near Kanab, Utah."

Died: about 1902 "in the ledges near Kanab, Utah, when Stanley was a baby:'

Buried: "In the ledges near Kanab, Utah."

Father: Sampson.

WIFE: Maggie (Tuh-dus).

Born: near Cannonville, Utah.

Died: at Greenwich, Utah, after Stanley was married.

Buried: Greenwich, Utah.

Mother: Lucy.

Other husbands: Bullets. (Fred Bullets and Dan Bullets are Stanley Sampson's half-brothers. They had the same mother. Dan Bullets had the Paiute name of Chuhku’ Numpuv meaning Duck Feet).


1 Snow Sampson (male) older than Stanley. Drowned on the other side of Johnson, Utah,

when he was an adult.

2. Stanley Sampson (male) born 1 January 1901 near Fredonia, Arizona, married (1) Amy Jim. Amy Jim died 21 June 1935 and buried at Kaibab. Stanley Sampson and Amy Jim had two children: 1. Stanley Sampson Jr. (male) born at Kaibab. 2. Evelyn Sampson (female) born at Kaibab, she married Arthur Tillahash. (2) Margerite McQueen (Shoshoni).

3. Mable Sampson (female) born 1891, married (1) koavok (2) Frank Dry.

INFORMATION SOURCE: Jimmy Timmican, Stanley Sampson, and 1965 census.


HUSBAND: unknown.

Born: of Wayne Co. Utah.

Died: "When his children were very young."

WIFE: unknown.

Born: of Wayne Co. Utah.

Died: "When her children were very young."


1. John Timmican (male) born Wayne Co., Utah, buried Lyman, Utah, married (1) Liza (2) Rose.

2. Sally Timmican (female) born Wayne Co., Utah, died Greenwich, Utah, married (1) Page Neab, Pawguh' Neahv (meaning Fish Chief), (2) Bob. John and Sally were raised by Tewok. "Rainbow Views" says there's an older sister. Tewok and John Timmican's father were brothers? Tewok died and buried in Lyman, Utah.

INFORMATION SOURCE: Jimmy Timmican and Rainbow Views a history of Wayne County.          


HUSBAND: John Timmican.

Born: Wayne Co. Utah.

Died: "May," about 1906 near Bicknell, Utah.

Buried: Lyman, Utah.

Other wives: Rose.

WIFE: (1) Liza Quakanab (Rose's sister).

Died: Greenwich, Utah.


1. George Timmican (male) born 10 Oct. 1868, died 1 Nov. 1953, Richfield, Utah,

married Minnie Kanosh.

2. Eliza Timmican Jackson (female). Eliza was raised by old man Jackson of Lyman, Utah. She lives in Salt Lake City, married Paul Cheser or Chese, had three children and then divorced. (Paul Chese's last name probably not correctly spelled.)



HUSBAND: George Timmican.

Born: 10 Oct. 1868.

Died: 1 Nov. 1953 at Richfield Utah, (ulcer).

Buried: 3 Nov. 1953 at Richfield, Utah.

Father: John Timmican.

Mother: she had the last name of Quakanab.

Other Wives: Minnie Kanosh.

WIFE: Ruth (Timmican?).


1. Young Timmican (male) born 9 Sep. 1910, married Ruth Sobquint.



HUSBAND       Young Timmican.

Born                  9 Sept. 1910.

Father               George Timmican.

Mother             Ruth.

WIFE                Ruth Sobquint.           


1. Shirley Timmican (female) born 14 Oct. 1936.



HUSBAND: John Timmican.

Born: Wayne Co. Utah.

Died: "May," abt. 1906 near Bicknell, Utah.

Buried: "Lyman cemetery, Utah" according to Florence Timmican.

Other wives: Liza (Indian plural marriage).

WIFE: Rose Quakanab (Wawn'uvuhts). Rose Qwakanab's Indian name was Kweyu'hunt (Bear).

Died: 5 April 1942 at Greenwich, Utah.

Buried: Greenwich, Utah.

Father: Tommie (Tom).


1. (Male) born abt. 1880 at Teasdale, Utah, buried at Teasdale.

2. (Male) abt. 1881 at Teasdale, Utah, buried at Frying Pan.

3. Unnamed Timmican (male) born abt. 1882, in Utah, died and buried at Fish Lake, Utah.

4. Nancy Timmican (female) born "When pinenuts opened" Oct. 1883 at Frisco, Utah, died 5 August 1953, married Crockett Kanosh.

5. Florence Timmican (female) born abt. June 1889 at Fish Lake, Utah, married Crockett Kanosh.

6. Jimmie Timmican  (male) born abt. 1895 at Loa, Utah (by the shearing corral), died 1972, married Annie.

7. Amy (Emma) Timmican  (female) born Dec. 1886 (97?) at Lyman, Utah, died 9 Jan. 1961, married (1) Charlie Arrowgarp.

8. Lilly Bell Timmican  (female) born Greenwich, Utah, died April 1943, married (1) Jimmy Pete.

9. Martha Timmican (female) born Bicknell, Utah, died young.

10. (Female) born Greenwich, Utah, lived one week.


The name Timmican comes from the Indian word Toomu’kunt which means "Roasted." It was a Paiute custom that after a woman gave birth she would lie upon a layer of sand placed over some heated rocks in a shallow pit big enough to lie in. "This made the women's blood circulate a lot better and helped in childbirth."

INFORMATION SOURCE: Jimmy Timmican, Florence Timmican, Emma Timmican, Vera Timmican.


HUSBAND: Panaca Tom.

Died: Milford, Utah (killed with shotgun).

Buried: Milford, Utah.

Father: Pete.

Mother: Phoebe.

WIFE: Clara (Aiuv'ee).

Died: 1964 at Cedar City, Utah.

Buried: Cedar City, Utah.

Other husbands: Zuniga (Mexican), Buckskin Joe.


1. Roy Tom (male) born 1898 at Panaca, Nevada.

2. Albert Tom (male).

3. Lilly Tom (female) born Milford, Utah, died Cedar City, Utah.

4. Eva Tom (female) born Kanosh, Utah, died Cedar City, Utah.

INFORMATION SOURCE: Carl Jake, Arthur Richards.



Died: Kanosh, Utah.

WIFEPooee'chuts (a Paiute name meaning Mouse).


1 Joe Levi (male).



HUSBAND: (2) Jake Wiggits (Wichetts) His last name comes from the Paiute word Wuhguhts' meaning Vagina.

Born: of Indian Peak, Utah.

WIFE: Rosey (Mawn'taw or Mawn'tai).

Other husbands: (1) Nawhoo'kwee Neahv (War Chief).


1. Eddie Winits (male) born 1892.

2. (female).

3. (female).

4. (female).




Born: of Wayne Co. Utah.

Mother: Mary of Wayne Co. (Mary's mother was Noakoa'sawvuhts).

WIFE: Minnie.

Father: Wawu'puhts.

Mother: Kaikoaduts (of Indianola, Teas Valley).


1. Frank Woody (male) born 4 Sept. 1902, died 2 May 1973, married Ida Levi.


Image 11-1-22 at 10.17 AM.jpeg

Section 2  Shivwits Band of Paiutes

Claymont John, Shivwits, 1960

HUSBAND: unknown.

Death: before 1897.

WIFE: Annie.

Birth: about 1858.

Died: 1 January 1946.

Other husbands: (1) Peter Harrison (2) Yellowjacket.(not sure of sequence).


2. Johnnie (male) born 1887.

1. Clara (female) born 1889, died abt.1909 at Shivwits, Utah, married abt. 1903 to Max

Tai-u-su (2) Jannie Rogers (Foster).

INFORMATION SOURCE: Bessie Tillahash, Mable Yellowjacket and Shivwits Death Roll.


HUSBAND: Rex Asket.

Died: 20 April 1966 at St. George, Utah.

Buried: 23 April 1966 at Shivwits Indian Reservation, Utah.

Father: Poo-oo- Weechok meaning Fur Back.

Mother: Tai-u-su (Ti-usa) correctly pronounced Taioo'soov (Whittled Stick).

Married: 13 June 1961 (legally).

WIFE: Nora George.

Born: about 75 years old in 1962.

Died: 18 Sept. 1962 at Caliente, Nevada.

Buried: at Shivwits Indian Reservation, Utah.


1. Lester Asket (male) married to Lilly Tillahash.

INFORMATION SOURCE: Shivwits marriage records and Nora.


HUSBAND: (1) Big George.

Father: Railroad George.

WIFE: Ida Toab.

Birth: about 1879, at Tassai, Mojave Co., Arizona.

Death: 20 May 1959, at St. George, Utah.

Buried: at Shivwits Res., Utah.

Father: Toab.

Mother: Ta wa wa, la wa wi, Chipmunk. The name is correctly pronounced Tavaw’aw Vee meaning Chipmunk Mother.

Other husbands: (2) Indian Jake (Watermelon Jake), (3) Jim Snow (4) Frank Snow (5) Kanosh                                   John (6) Jim Hooveutz.


1. Dolly George (Snow). (female) born 1894, died 23 July 1946, married Seth Bushhead

on 31 December 1911.

INFORMATION SOURCE: Stewart Snow, Edrick Bushhead, Bessie Tillahash.


HUSBAND: (2) Indian Jake (Watermelon Jake). Indian Jake's real name should have been "Tum" according to Morris Jake.

Born: 1874.

Died: 1959.

Buried: Kaibab, Arizona.

Other Wives: (1) Minnie Pikyavit.

WIFE: (2) Ida Toab.

Born: about 1879 at Tassai, Arizona.

Died: 20 may 1959 at St. George, Utah.

Buried: May 1959 at Shivwits Res., Utah.

Father: Toab.

Mother: Ta wa wa, la wa wi, Chipmunk. The name is correctly pronounced Tavaw-aw Vee Chipmunk Mother.

Other Husb     (1) Big George (3) Jim Snow (4) Frank Snow (5) Kanosh John (6) Jim



1. Serena Jake (Snow)  born 1900, died 2 Aug. 1967, and buried 6 Aug. 1967 at Kaibab.

INFORMATION SOURCE: Serena, and Bessie Tillahash.        


HUSBAND: Coal Creek John "Chief of Coal Creek Band of Cedar City, Utah".

Died: Minersville, Utah.

Other wives: Flo (Indian plural marriage). Coal Creek John and Flo had a child, Jimmy Pete of Cedar City, Utah.

WIFE: Rena.

Born: 1878 of Panguitch Lake, Utah.

Died: Shivwits.

Buried: Shivwits Indian Reservation, Utah.

Other husbands: Squint. Squint married Rena and had: (1) Annie (female) died at Cedar City, Utah at about age 9. (2) (female) died shortly after birth.


1. Mabel John (female) born abt. 1890 at Minersville, Utah. Married (1) Fred Wall (2) James Yellowjacket. James born 3 July 1898, died 2 July 1963.

2. Jennie (female). Died at Silver Reef, Utah.

3. (Male.)

INFORMATION SOURCE: Mabel John and 1940 census.


HUSBAND: Mack (Max) Tai u su. His Indian name is Moovee’tsekee (Split Nose). The family Indian name Tai-u-su is correctly pronounced Taioo'soov. It means Whittled Stick.

Born: about 1884.

Died: Died at Five Mile on the Shivwits Reservation from some kind of sickness while he was still a young man (abt. 25 years old).

Father: Poo-oo' Wechok (Fur Back).

Mother: Tai-u-su (Ti-usa) correctly pronounced Taioo'soov.

Married: about 1903.

WIFE: Clara.

Born: 1889.

Died: about 1909 at Five Mile, Shivwits Reservation, Utah.

Mother: Annie.

Other husbands: Jannie Rogers (Foster).


1. George McFee (male) born 25 May 1904 at St. George, Utah, died 22 April 1962,

buried at Shivwits Utah, married Marie Snow.

2. Martha  female) born 1906 at St. George, Utah, died 12 Jan. 1935, buried at Shivwits

Reservation, Utah.

3. Died young.

INFORMATION SOURCE: Bessie Tillahash, Rex Asket, and tombstone inscription for child number 2.


HUSBAND: Poo-oo' Wechok (Fur Back).

Death: about 1895.

WIFE: Ti usa, Tai u usa, Taioo-soov (Whittled Stick). Also called Sally.

Born: about 1843.

Died: about 1900.

Father: Tai-u-su. This name is shown on the 1898 census as being born about 1828. It is normal in Indian census taking for a child to take the father's name for a last name.

Other husbands: Big Jim.


1. Jannie (Janey) Rogers (Foster), (male) born abt. 1875-9, location (?) Died 7 Aug. 1957. Married (2) Clara, wife of Mack Tai u su (Taioo-soov), (3) Sue Mokiac at St. George, Utah, 1911. Jannie's Indian name was Saikumee’do.

2. Rex Asket (Iscawts), (male) born 1884 in Grand Wash, Mojave Co., Arizona, died 20 April 1966. He married Nora.

3. Mack (Max) Tai-u su (Taioo-soov), (male) born abt. 1885, Mojave County (Arizona Strip),  Arizona, died abt. 1909. Married to Clara.

INFORMATION SOURCE: Archie Rogers, Rex Asket, Bessie Tillahash, Jannie's marriage license and 1897 census.


HUSBAND: Sa-ap, Old Snow, Snow. Sa-ap is correctly pronounced Sawup’ meaning "Mush." Stewart Snow gives the following information on his grandfather: "Snow was the owner of the deer and mountain sheep in his area and helped people be more successful by telling them where to go hunt them. He also had power to heal and at one time he healed me of a serious dog bite by sucking on the wound. He could prevent infection and after effects and did at this time."

Born: about 1840 at Sunup Mountain on the Arizona Strip, Arizona.

Death: Shivwits Indian Res., Utah.

Buried: Shivwits Indian Res., Utah.

WIFE: Pa-wans, Lucy (Pa-wunts’ means "Swollen").

Born: about 1848 at Weow’deev, Ariz. (on the Arizona Strip).

Died: Shivwits Indian Res., Utah.

Buried: Shivwits Indian Res., Utah.


1. Frank Snow born abt 1871 on Arizona strip (location not given), died July 1931 Shivwits Utah, wife (1) Nancy John.

2. Jim Snow (male) born abt. 1879 at Sunup Mountain, Ariz., died 10 Oct. 1928. Married Ida Toab.

3. Edwin Snow born abt. 1890, Arizona.

INFORMATION SOURCE: Stewart Snow, 1898 census, and tombstone inscription.


HUSBAND: Frank Snow.

Born: abt. 1871 in Arizona.

Died: July 1931 at Shivwits Res., Utah.

Father: Snow.

Mother: Lucy.

WIFE: Nancy John.

Born: of Long Valley, Kane Co. Utah.

Died: abt. 1921 at Kaibab, AZ

Father: Jim John.

Mother: Molly.

Other husbands: Brig George.


1. Nannie Snow (female) born 1899 at Gunlock, Utah, died 1920, buried at Shivwits,

Utah, married 2 May 1918 to Tom Parashont.

2. Stewart Snow (male) born 5 Nov. 1905 at Mount Carmel, Utah, married 1929 to Mary


3. Agnes Snow (female) born abt. 1907 at Shivwits Res., Utah, died abt. 1922, buried at

Shivwits Res., Utah, married 1919 to Glen Pinkie, a son of Old Pinkie. Glen Pinkie was born abt. 1903 and died abt. 1923. Glen Pinkie married Agnes Snow; they had a child Amy Pinkie who married Archie Kay. They had no children. Amy born abt. 1921 at Shivwits, died 13 June 1965.

4. Richard Snow (male) born abt. 1909 at Shivwits Res., Utah, died March 1921.

INFORMATION SOURCE: Stewart Snow, marriage licenses, and tombstone inscriptions.


HUSBAND: (3) Jim Snow.

Born: abt. 1879 at Sunup Mountain, Ariz.

Died: 10 Oct. 1928 at Shivwits Res., Utah.

Buried: Oct. 1928 at Shivwits Res., Utah.

Father: Snow.

Mother: Lucy.

WIFE: Ida Toab.

Born: abt. 1879 at Tassai in the Grand Wash, Mojave Co. Arizona.

Died: 20 May 1959 at St. George, Utah.

Buried: May 1959 at Shivwits Res., Utah.

Father: Toab.

Mother: Ta wa wa, La wa wi, Chipmunk. The name is correctly pronounced Tavaw'aw Vee, meaning Chipmunk Mother.

Other husbands: (1) Big George (2) Watermelon Jake (4) Frank Snow (5) Kanosh John (6) Jim Hoviutz.


1. Ada Snow (female) born 1907, married 5 Sept. 1924 to Joseph John, died 11 March 1959.

2. Louise Snow (female) born 15 June 1910, married Willie Fisher.

3. Lee Snow (male) born 1912, married Madilene Chassis, died 12 Jan. 1956 at St. George, Utah.

4. Marie Snow (female) born 15 Oct. 1915 in New Harmony Mountains, Utah, married George McFee, 7 June 1930.

5. Jessie Snow (male) born abt. 1918.

6. Nellie Snow (female) born 1924.

7. Lucy Snow (female) born 1926.

INFORMATION SOURCE: Marie Snow, Edrick Bushhead, Stewart Snow, marriage licenses, census records and dated photographs.


HUSBAND: unknown.

Born: Kaibab Mountains, Arizona.

Died: Killed by a white man near Pipe Springs, Arizona.

WIFE: Koavuv’.

Died: Near Orderville, Utah.

Father: Mahgin.

Mother: Tuhdu'heets, meaning Orphan, she died when Tony abt. 5.


1. (Female) traded to Navajos in Arizona or New Mexico by an uncle.

2. Tony Tillahash  (male) born 1886 at Mount Carmel, Utah, married Bessie Simon.

INFORMATION SOURCE: Tony and Bessie Tillahash.
















    Photo of Toab in 1907, shows him going into prison for stealing a horse, he was released after 5 days there.


HUSBAND: (John) Toab (Touv' meaning Rabbit Tick).

Born: about 1839.

Other Wives: Susan.

WIFE: Ta wa wa, La wa wi, Chipmunk. Tavaw-aw Vee (Chipmunk Mother)

Born: about 1842 (1848) Parashont Mountain, Arizona Strip.

Died: at Shivwits Reservation, Utah.

Buried: at Shivwits Reservation, Utah.

Father: Quetoos (the name spelled Kwetoos', may be referring to a Giant from a mythical creature seen around, the Indians called Kweetoos'. This creature could have gotten his name from being smelly (butt) like the mythical Bigfoots that have also been seen around known to also smell. Because Kwetoos' was a tall man compared to the normal Paiute men he may have gotten this word "Giant" from this mythical creature).

Other husbands: Charley.


1. Jack Toab (male) born at Tuweep (?), died in Uintah Co., Utah,

2. Foster Toab (Foster Charles), (male) born abt. 1880 at Tuweep, Arizona, died 1957. In about 1900 several young Indians including Foster Toab (Charles), Thomas Mayo, Brig George, Seth Bushhead, Tony Tillahash, and Minnie Rice were sent to attend the Carlisle Indian School. The first four studied agriculture and became members of "Pop" Warner's famous football team the Redskins. They were guests at "Teddy" Roosevelt's Thanksgiving dinner at the White House.

3. Ida Toab. Etsoov’ (female) born abt. 1879 at Tassai, Arizona, Died 20 May 1959, married (1) Jim Snow, Big George, Frank Snow, Watermelon Jake, Kanosh John, Jim Hoviutz (not in order of marriages. Jim Hoviutz from Moapa, was her last marriage and she is burried next to him in Shivwits,

INFORMATION SOURCE: Bessie Tillahash, and Foster's history.

1898 Shivwits Census

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